VMware empowers ViaWest to serve customers better

Infotech Lead America: Cloud service provider ViaWest is using VMware’s network virtualization to enable faster service provisioning and provide flexibility and choice in service options to customers.

VMware network virtualization helps ViaWest deploy cloud services more efficiently than traditional hardware-defined networking approaches, lowering overall costs while ensuring a more consistent customer experience.

Jason Carolan, chief technology officer at ViaWest, said: “We’ve found it’s impossible to effectively run new cloud services based solely on old, hardware-focused networking technologies. The dynamic nature of our cloud services requires the agility and automation made possible by VMware network virtualization.”

ViaWest is one of the largest privately-held data center, cloud computing and managed service providers in North America. VMware’s solution helps ViaWest to create virtual networks that are completely decoupled and independent from the physical network hardware so that operations become simple and non-disruptive.

Since deploying VMware’s solution does not require any modification to the underlying network hardware, ViaWest is able to cut down on the time needed to roll out new services or upgrade an existing customer’s specific service offering.

ViaWest has been able to reduce both operational and capital costs by using network resources such as IP addresses more efficiently and by no longer being locked in a single vendor’s networking hardware.

Hatem Naguib, vice president of Cloud Networking and Security at VMware said, “ViaWest is helping to reduce cost and complexity with network virtualization. Leading cloud service providers recognize that the software-defined data center is a powerful platform for developing innovative and differentiated services, and ViaWest is delivering this value to customers.”

VMware posted a 22 percent increase in fourth quarter revenue to $1.29 billion. The company’s full year revenue also increased 22 percent to $4.61 billion.


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