VMware announces partner ecosystem for its first Software-Defined Storage product

VMware announced its partner ecosystem support for VMwareVirtual SAN, its first Software-Defined Storage product.

VMwareVirtual SAN is currently available in public beta.

The cloud vendor said VMware Virtual SAN will be certified with hardware servers and devices from Cisco, Dell, EMC, Fusion-io, HGST, a Western Digital company, HP, IBM, Intel, LSI, Samsung, SanDisk and Seagate.

VMware Virtual SAN is expected to be available in Q1 2014.

VMware Virtual SAN has received good response from the VMware community with more than 10,000 registered participants.

VMware Virtual SAN provides a new tier of hypervisor-converged storage. VMware Virtual SAN pools hardware resources provided by x86 servers with internal magnetic disks and server-side flash to produce fast and resilient shared storage for virtual machines (VMs).

Vmware virtual SAN

The company says VMware Virtual SAN simplifies storage administration due to its management approach based on VM-centric policies and built-in automation. A key building block of the VMware software-defined storage vision, VMware Virtual SAN enables the delivery of storage functionality as software built into the VMware vSpherekernel.

With VMware Virtual SAN, VMware will provide two options for deployment: VMware Virtual SAN Ready Nodes, and a component-based hardware compatibility list.

VMware Virtual SAN Ready Nodes will provide a set of pre-configured servers that can be used with VMware Virtual SAN to simplify configuration and procurement. The hardware compatibility list will feature supported Flash devices, Hard Disk Drives (HDDs), I/O controllers and Solid State Storage providing customers with the flexibility to select the servers and components that best suit their needs.

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