VMTurbo selected by CSC for VMTurbo Operations Manager

Lou Shipley, president and chief executive officer of VMTurbo

Infotech Lead Asia: VMTurbo, a provider of workload management software for cloud and virtualized environments, formed partnership with CSC for VMTurbo Operations Manager.

Under this partnership, CSC, a cloud service provider, utilizes VMTurbo Operations Manager to automate intelligent resource allocation and workload placement decisions – ensuring service availability, operational efficiency, and optimal utilization for commercial and government enterprise cloud customers.

VMTurbo delivers a cloud-scale control plane that identifies constraints and automates resource allocation decisions to optimize utilization and meet SLAs. The technology addresses resource contention before problems occur, makes certain that applications have the resources they require, and ensures the infrastructure is utilized in the most efficient way possible.

“Service level assurance is at the heart of CSC’s value proposition to enterprise cloud customers and VMTurbo’s intelligent placement of workloads and ability to allocate resources based on application performance and business priorities enables us to provide reliable commercial and government cloud services,” said Eli Almog, chief technology officer for CSC Cloud Services.

“CSC BizCloud and CSC CloudCompute, both VMware vCloud Datacenter Services, provide infrastructure as a service for doing real business on the cloud. We did a thorough competitive analysis and determined that VMTurbo’s sophisticated analytics engine and its API integration to vCloud Director and Cisco UCS made it the right choice for CSC’s enterprise cloud,” Almog added.

The Economic Scheduling Engine in VMTurbo drives efficiency and optimal resource utilization, reduces operations costs, and enables cloud service providers, like CSC, to intelligently plan virtualization initiatives.

The VMTurbo Operations Manager solution delivers critical capabilities such as multi-tenancy support, service provider scale, and open API integration to critical sophisticated cloud infrastructures built on VMware vCloud Director and Cisco UCS.

Lou Shipley, president and chief executive officer of VMTurbo, said, “We are excited to be working with CSC to deliver an improved operational model for cloud environments, one where our technology automates intelligent allocation and placement decisions without requiring manual intervention to prevent performance issues and ensure optimal use of the underlying infrastructure.”

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