VMC Technologies to further expand in India, says CEO

VMC Technologies provides cloud telephony solutions primarily to the SMB market in India. As the demand for cloud solutions grow, VMC Technologies is expanding its business across India.

In an interaction with Infotech Lead, Sundeep Misra, CEO and co-founder, VMC Technologies, said currently VMC also plans to expand services to any size of businesses. The company has offices in NCR and Noida with presence in Pune, Lucknow, MP and is expanding in other major cities across India.

VMC’s cloud telephony solution, MCube, is a call management software product that allows businesses to manage incoming calls as leads, add more data, integrate with CRMs and see their conversions rise.

Sundeep Misra, CEO and co-founder, VMC Technologies

Customers use MCube either to track incoming calls or as helpline solution for their businesses by automating the helpline calls to go to the right person at the right time. It can also be used to connect distributed offices and employees on customized extensions with one business number.

Several SME’s are using MCube as an integrated communications platform. For example, Jumbo Kids Franchise in Karnataka is using MCube to connect all its schools with one number. Many real estate companies in NCR, Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai and MP are using  MCube to improve ROI on their advertising investments where only one number is advertized and there are many callers calling simultaneously.  MCube seamlessly connects every caller to a sales specialist using innovative algorithms, Misra said.

MCube delivers all the advantages of cloud telephony. Companies are free from the need to maintain hardware, software and maintenance. The service also provides single number integration, common system to support multiple locations resulting in improved ROI and cost effective operations.

The cloud-based call management software supports the mobility needs of enterprises. People prefer to attend calls on mobile phones rather than fixed lines. Movement is no longer productivity limiting and people want to have access to everything on the go. VMC’s cloud telephony solution addresses this opportunity set, Misra added.

According to Misra, MCube product is suitable for any business dependent efficient management of inbound calls, this could be a sales department or support department in any organization that needs to distribute calls between multiple employees and track every communication that happens. It could be any business that wants to connect every employees mobile phone on their extension so employees can take calls from anywhere like their home, office, on the road, at a hotel room etc.

The company targets potential markets like schools, real estate agencies, hospitals, hospitality sector and more. The company is offering the service as a subscription model, so companies don’t have to pay any upfront cost and need to pay a very small yearly subscription fee.

Misra thinks the market for cloud telephony is huge and there is tough competition as players compete to deliver innovative services to meet the emerging needs of customers. Some of the serious competitors of VMC include Knowlarity, Exotel and Ozonetel.

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