Vissensa deploys IBM Enterprise Cloud to offer better services to customers

Vissensa, a U.K.-based managed service provider (MSP), has deployed IBM Enterprise Cloud System to offer improved cloud services to its customers.

The deployment of IBM Enterprise Cloud System enables Vissensa, which was founded in 2008, to deliver a pre-configured, pre-tested Linux platform that can outperform their existing x86 based cloud infrastructure.

Vissensa customers, which are adopting multi-hypervisor operating systems and technologies, and incorporating new technologies such as OpenStack within their solutions to help reduce costs and increase performance, will benefit from this development, said IBM.

IBM Enterprise Cloud System can support up to 6,000 Virtual Machines in a single system, and provide a secure multi-tenant environment and share resources across workloads.

The IBM Enterprise Cloud System is projected to provide superior service for half the cost as compared to select public cloud or x86 private cloud alternatives.

IBM offers the IBM MSP Utility Pricing for System z pricing model. This model provides consumption-based pricing designed to make cloud technologies more accessible to Managed Service Providers (MSPs).  This consumption-based approach allows an MSP to focus on building their business rather than on the cost of their infrastructure.

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