Virtualization, cloud computing and data de-duplication to shift industry dynamics, says Gartner

Cloud computing

Infotech Lead India: Transformational technologies such as virtualization, cloud computing and data de-duplication will enable new ways of doing business across industries and result in major shift in industry dynamics, says Gartner.

These transformational technologies will also lead to the creation of a new and improved — and sustainable — ecosystem.

Gartner Hype Cycle for information and communication technology (ICT) report identifies 43 key technologies and describes the ways in which they will impact business performance during the next 10 years.

Of these 43 technologies (see Figure 1), 24 will mature within the next five years, and 20 of them will have a transformational or high impact on businesses.


Technologies such as cloud computing, data deduplication and virtualization enable new ways of doing business across industries, while a few others will become mainstream in less than two years.

Indian enterprises are generally more price-sensitive compared with enterprises in mature markets but have recently shown a tendency to invest in technology that offers a significant upside in terms of agility or productivity gains. The dynamic shift in business conditions means that some of this spend is unbudgeted but is considered vital to drive business benefits.

Another trend noted by Gartner s the diminishing technology lag in segments like server virtualization. Many organizations in India are open to exploring new technologies to attain that extra bit of business differentiation in the growth phase.

The market is also witnessing the entry of local vendors in emerging, as well as mature, technology segments, covering areas such as cloud computing, application development, business intelligence, business process management suites, data centers, and green and sustainability technology tools, and offering the same through software as a service (SaaS) and the cloud.

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