US Dept of Agriculture adopts to Salesforce cloud platform

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The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Farm Service Agency (FSA) will use Salesforce Service Cloud to power a new program for FSA customers known as “Bridges to Opportunity.”

The program is designed to provide farmers and ranchers with information on non-USDA programs that will benefit and grow their operations, ultimately helping them meet their goals.

Using Service Cloud, FSA will increase knowledge sharing among more than 10,000 employees, track trends and share information across more than 2,100 FSA county offices.

As a result, all farming and ranching customers will have easy access to local and regional programs that can enhance their operations.

In addition, by moving from legacy IT systems to a modern, cloud-based technology platform, FSA can realize time and cost efficiencies.

In January, a research from customer relationship management company  identified four key trends driving the customer experiences expected from companies today.

Those trends are – company-wide focus on customer experience; an expanding range of tools and technologies for customer service agents; a new view of customer service as an opportunity for sales rather than as a cost center; and the growing use of artificial intelligence and other smart technologies to provide more “human” interactions with customers.

The report says that such changes are helping customers and service professionals alike to become more knowledgeable and more empowered in the decisions they make.

USDA’s adoption of cloud platform is an example for government agencies accepting social, mobile and cloud technologies to improve customer service.