Unilever completes cloud migration to Microsoft Azure

Unilever has completed the largest and most complex cloud migration in the consumer goods industry in association with Accenture and Microsoft.
Unilever digital transformationThe migration has helped Unilever — whose 400+ brands are used by 3.4 billion people daily — become a cloud-only enterprise, Microsoft said. Unilever did not reveal the financial benefit from the Cloud migration. It has not only helped ensure resilient, secure and optimized operations for Unilever but also provides a platform to drive innovation and growth.

Accenture and Microsoft, together with their joint venture, Avanade, worked with Unilever to deliver the transformation in 18 months with minimal disruption to business operations.

Unilever will use Microsoft Azure as its primary cloud platform to accelerate product launches, enhance customer service and improve operational efficiency. Microsoft Azure is the second largest Cloud platform in the world.

Microsoft said Unilever’s adoption of a cloud-only approach will improve business resilience, strengthening security and enhancing control of the IT landscape.

“Unilever is using advanced analytics to make informed decisions quicker. Working with Accenture and Microsoft, we can respond to consumer needs faster, allocate our resources more effectively to focus on what drives growth, and bring services and products to the market faster,” Steve McCrystal, chief enterprise & technology officer of Unilever, said.

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