Ujjivan Financial Services taps IBM private cloud resilience services

Ujjivan Financial Services, a microfinance company in India, has selected IBM’s private cloud resilience services to ensure continuous business operations for its clients’ financial transactions.

IBM’s private cloud will create a dedicated infrastructure for its primary setup.

The cloud based Virtualized Server Recovery (VSR) solution will provide the company with a managed, around-the-clock solution designed to support application continuity, reduce business expenses and data loss.

The microfinance company with 375 branches approached IBM for a managed cloud service to support its growth and ensure always-on operations.

Samit Ghosh, managing director, Ujjivan Finance, said: “Protection and access to the company’s data during service interruptions and unforeseen incidents can make or break a company.”

IBM’s Cloud VSR solution will enable Ujjivan to provide customers with faster and streamlined recovery and manage its complete IT application infrastructure through a remote monitoring center in Bangalore, said IBM.

With IBM’s Cloud VSR, a managed service, Ujjivan can replicate entire systems in real-time including system files, databases, applications and user data in a way that is independent of the make and model of the underlying hardware.

In the event of unexpected downtime, Ujjivan can gain 100 percent functionality within minutes opposed to average 8-12 hours.

Lingraju Sawkar, director, Integrated Technology Services, Global Technology Services, IBM India/SA, said: “Through IBM’s VSR solution, businesses can significantly alleviate their exposure to data loss, decrease server downtimes and thus allow for faster turnaround during times of disaster.”

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