Tips to enterprise CIOs before selecting Cloud

Jagjit Arora, regional director, Sales, Red Hat India, shares five tips to enterprises CIOs to consider before migrating to cloud.

Jagjit Arora Red Hat India
Jagjit Arora Red Hat India
  • Every cloud has to be open, talk about management platforms which can manage hybrid clouds, devoid of the virtualization environment they are in and looks at providing a single management player for a blend of the current infrastructure and the one going to be built in the future.
  • The most successful clouds in the world are open-source clouds. This is because the ability of an organization to get in and get out of a cloud is provided only by an open-source cloud platform. Open Source provides agility to a cloud.
  • Every CIO must consider the seamless use of self-service portal where provisioning can be done on its own; something that requires a single layer of orchestration and automation, and capacity management in planning.
  • CIOs should avoid getting into a lock-in where each proprietary layer can manage virtualization and infrastructure only from one particular vendor.
  • CIOs should not bank on building a cloud based on a cloud vendor or a service provider or a hardware vendor because it does not connect to the other stakeholders. The freedom of choice should be provided to every customer. This is a very important aspect that has to be taken into consideration.

According to Arora, open Source cloud platforms open the path to better IT efficiency and innovation by:

  • Letting developers focus on what they care about most—application code—to speed application development.
  • Automating IT processes to streamline IT service delivery.
  • Enabling IT to use the infrastructure more efficiently across development, test, and production environments.

Open-source solutions are cheaper than alternate solutions. They also work with the existing infrastructure, offering improved flexibility and interoperability.

Red Hat pursues open hybrid cloud strategy. According to Arora, cloud computing has emerged through open-source approach that RedHat introduced in the market following a business model that drives it in a business-critical environment.

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