Thanx Media becomes Google Enterprise Authorized Reseller of Google Commerce Search


Infotech Lead America: Thanx Media, a provider of integrated solutions for B2B and B2C online retailers, has formed strategic partnership with Google, in which Thanx Media will be a Google Enterprise Authorized Reseller of Google Commerce Search (GCS), Google’s Commerce site search and merchandising technology.

Under this partnership, Thanx Media will offer Google Commerce Search to any size business, with an emphasis on the small and medium sized businesses.

Through their Managed Google Commerce Search, Thanx Media will provide an individualized evaluation, rapid implementation and a dedicated support team to ensure long-term success using GCS. For those who already utilize GCS, Thanx Media will provide a full spectrum of professional support services before, during and after the implementation.

“Thanx has a great reputation, offering compelling solutions to medium-sized retailers that we feel will be enhanced with our state-of-the-art commerce searchandising cloud technology,” said Matt Eichner, Google’s general manager of Enterprise Search. “We believe Thanx Media has the talent to make larger customers successful, and we look forward to working with Thanx and its many customers to increase their eCommerce site sales.”

 Thanx Media’s SMB Google Commerce Search solution will deliver custom solutions based on the individual customer’s size and needs. This solution is available to companies who may not be able to justify Google Commerce Search’s traditional model given their current catalog size and number of yearly queries.

The growing trend of “rent-a-software” has increased the demand for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) models. As a result, competition between vendors has increased dramatically over the same period, leading to more mergers and partnerships in order to provide customers with the best solutions possible.

This desire for having not just the ultimate user experience, but becoming better than the competition is especially true for businesses that operate online. The decision is made even more important given the simplicity of visiting competitor websites with similar content. Search is a huge aspect of this experience and for some sites it is their main salesperson.

 The integration of Thanx Media’s industry knowledge and reputation combined with Google’s search expertise will help these businesses drive more revenue.

“One of the most exciting things about the eCommerce industry is the innovation and evolution of what’s happening throughout the industry and trying to predict where it’s headed. More specifically, it’s the ability to keep your ear on what the customer is looking for in their business and then developing the software yourself, as we did with our blosm technology, or finding the right partnership and tailoring it to your customers needs, as we’ve done here with Google and our tailored Google Commerce Search solutions,” said Paul Matker CEO of Thanx Media.

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