TeamViewer announces airbackup cloud-based backup solution

TeamViewer, a remote control and online meeting software vendor, today announced airbackup, a cloud-based backup solution.

During the trial period airbackup, which can safeguard your business data without the use of an on-premise backup infrastructure, is free of charge.

TeamViewer does not share the cost after the trial period.

The airbackup data center is located in Dusseldorf, Germany.


TeamViewer offers maximum security to airbackup. The 256 bit AES encryption works with a private key users generate during the set-up process to ensure that the data is protected from unauthorized access at any time. All data is locally encrypted before the data transfer.

The company says BackupBoost technology supplies maximum compression. Prior to each backup, airbackup compresses the data to a minimum of its original size and identifies duplicate data blocks, which do not have to be backed up. Hence the process will be faster.

After downloading the airbackup Client, users set up their backup routine and determine the reports they want to receive. By the help of the web based airbackup Manager, organizations can centrally control their backed up devices and group them according to their needs. Since it is a cloud-based service, you can access anywhere.

Holger Felgner, general manager at TeamViewer, said: “airbackup supports organizations in setting up a viable business continuity and disaster recovery strategy, while relieving their IT budgets considerably.”

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