Tata Communications becomes Google Cloud Platform Authorized Services Partner

Tata Communications today announced it has become a Google Cloud Platform Authorized Services Partner.

Google’s new service, Google Cloud Interconnect will connect with Tata Communications’ IZO Public, a cloud enablement service that provides a dedicated and deterministic route, for businesses, into Google’s cloud.

Microsoft Azure is also one of the partners of Tata Communications’ IZO Public cloud enablement service.

Through the IZO Public cloud enablement service, Tata Communications and Google will provide businesses with a future-proof way to connect and build their cloud over the public Internet for enterprise end-customers.

“Together with Google, we are committed in creating an ecosystem to make the Internet fit for business to address how businesses use the Internet to connect to the cloud in a secure and predictable way,” said Julie Woods-Moss, CEO, NextGen Business, Tata Communications.

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