How Symantec is using Microsoft Azure cloud to improve cost efficiency

Symantec CIO Sheila JordanMicrosoft announced that its Azure cloud platform is assisting cybersecurity company Symantec to deliver its Norton consumer products to more than 50 million people and families.

Symantec benefits from cost efficiency offered by Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

Symantec is following hybrid cloud strategies to support its business, protect company and customer data, and increase operational efficiency. Symantec aims to increase performance, agility and security, and reduce its operating expenses. Azure allows Symantec to innovate, helping protect customers’ digital lives at home and across devices.

“The cloud is key to our strategy to accelerate innovation internally, streamline operations, and ultimately protect and empower our customers in the digital age,” said Sheila Jordan, senior vice president and CIO of Symantec.

“Symantec and Microsoft share a commitment to online security, and it’s exciting to work with Sheila and team to harness the power of the cloud to extend this ongoing effort,” said Scott Guthrie, executive vice president of Cloud and Enterprise at Microsoft.

Symantec designed and developed new cloud services, and migrated 105 critical consumer digital safety capabilities to Azure, such as reputation scoring, security telemetry and advanced threat protection.

Symantec set up real-time dashboards to track and report financial, operational and security metrics to govern adoption and utilization.

Symantec’s technology innovation and the world’s largest civilian threat intelligence network tracks more than 700,000 global adversaries and records events from 98 million attack sensors worldwide in more than 157 countries and territories.

Next, Symantec will bring its e-commerce system to Azure to streamline how customers purchase Norton software online.

Symantec plans to use Microsoft Cloud for key internal information technology services, including Azure Container Services, machine learning and platform as a service offerings. By deploying these critical applications and systems on Azure, Symantec can develop, test and deliver new solutions to its engineering, sales, marketing and operations teams faster and at lower cost.

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