State of Colorado taps Salesforce to modernize CBMS

Salesforce CloudState of Colorado has selected Salesforce to modernize the Colorado Benefits Management System (CBMS) and provide service to citizens in need of food, cash and medical assistance.

CBMS is used by more than 5,000 county and medical assistance site employees across the State of Colorado to determine an individual’s eligibility for assistance. The prior legacy IT system hindered the state’s ability to respond to citizens in a timely manner, while also costing taxpayer dollars.

The state is deploying Salesforce Service Cloud and the Salesforce Platform—the deployment will be led by Deloitte. By moving CBMS to a cloud-based, modular application that is modern and agile, county employees will be able to more quickly respond to customer service inquiries and process applications for food, cash and medical assistance, resulting in a better experience for citizens.

Colorado is deploying Salesforce Analytics to automate reporting and gain a deeper understanding of CBMS data and performance at both the state and individual county levels. Salesforce Analytics dashboards will provide insight on CBMS KPIs such as staff workloads, how long it takes to process new applications and where applications are getting backlogged.

“By modernizing CBMS, we’ll be able to provide more transparency around performance, implement new ideas faster and provide a better service experience for our citizens,” Suma Nallapati, secretary of technology and chief information officer, State of Colorado, said.

“The complexity and cost of legacy IT systems limits a government’s ability to invest in innovation that is critical to future success,” said Casey Coleman, SVP, government solutions, Salesforce.