State of Arizona taps IBM Cloud for critical IT operations

IBM Cloud data center coverageState of Arizona has tapped IBM Cloud for using Cloud managed services on IBM Z to manage its mainframe operational consumption on daily basis.

Deployment of IBM Cloud will assist state of Arizona agencies to gain from the agility in order to carry out Arizona’s most critical IT operations including mainframe services and disaster recovery efforts.

State of Arizona’s shared technology services organization, Arizona Strategic Enterprise Technology (ASET), will deploy cloud managed services to develop and execute the statewide information technology strategy and to offer capabilities, services, and infrastructure to additional State agencies.

ASET, which is responsible for running a centralized group for monitoring and overseeing high-risk technology projects across State agencies, will operate the cloud managed services environment and provide mainframe services to multiple customers.

“This agreement gives our customers a new level of flexibility and accessibility to help deliver services more efficiently to Arizonans,” said Morgan Reed, chief information officer (CIO) of State of Arizona. “State’s move to a managed service model, where we only pay for what we use, reduces our capital and risk and ensures long-term continuity of operations.”

These new cloud managed services will help move the State of Arizona from a fixed cost to a variable cost model across agencies. Agencies can improve several critical processing challenges, including citizen health benefits, public safety applications, and tax returns. State of Arizona will also be able to scale computing storage capacity as needed, and implement disaster recovery services.

Philip Guido, general manager of IBM Infrastructure Services, said: “We believe this can serve as a model for other states to take advantage of the trusted history of the IBM mainframe to improve the everyday lives of their citizens.”

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