Software AG invests in mobile solutions start-up metaquark

Infotech Lead Asia: Software AG has invested, with a buy-out option, in Berlin-based mobile solutions start-up metaquark.

The strategic investment will support Software AG’s digital enterprise strategy. The company did not disclose the size of the acquisition.

Mobile solutions – along with Big Data, Cloud and Social Collaboration – are essential components of Software AG’s digital enterprise strategy.

Software AG, which has more than 5,400 employees in 70 countries and had revenues of €1.05 billion in 2012, says mobile solutions are key in enabling the digital enterprise to flexibly respond to real-time business insights.

Through mobile solutions and their ability to present relevant business data anywhere and at any time, Software AG is enabling companies to significantly accelerate their business processes and decision making capabilities.

Software AG’s investment in metaquark ensures its access to metaquark’s mobile solutions capabilities. The companies have already integrated their mobile technologies and will continue to jointly develop and enhance Software AG’s webMethods Mobile Suite.

Enterprises can now use the webMethods Platform, with its integrated Mobile Suite, to manage the entire lifecycle of mobile applications.

“We recently announced our platform to deliver actionable business intelligence from real-time Big Data,” said Wolfram Jost, CTO at Software AG. “We can now deliver this business intelligence to users anywhere, on any mobile platform, in an easily managed and secure environment.”

Software AG says its one of the banking customers in South Africa is bringing online banking services to mobile subscribers in the remotest areas in Africa.

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