SoftLayer partners with Startup Texas to give local tech-savvy entrepreneurs a helping hand

 Infotech Lead America: SoftLayer Technologies, a provider of global cloud infrastructure, announced that its Catalyst startup program will provide infrastructure support, executive mentorship and support to Startup Texas Members, a branch of Startup America.Startup America, founded by Steve Case through a partnership between the Kauffman Foundation and the Case Foundation, supports a national network of entrepreneurial communities dedicated to advancing the success of American startups.

Members can take advantage of generous IT credits on the SoftLayer platform for one full year to get executive mentorship and valuable insights into how to build and scale the next killer application or game. Catalyst members also receive free hosting services, which can cost up to $1,000 a month.

Startup America helps thousands of entrepreneurial leaders, investors, mentors and executives work together to strengthen local communities and help young companies grow. SoftLayer has also hired eight people to work with startups in the Catalyst program.

“We love seeing big companies support startup ecosystems in their own back yards,” said Scott Case, CEO of Startup America Partnership. “It’s fantastic that SoftLayer is partnering with Startup Texas to bring their Catalyst Startup Program to local Texas startups and provide them with some of the support and tools they’ll need to grow.”

Paul Ford, vice president of community development for SoftLayer, said, “Our entrepreneurial spirit runs through Catalyst, helping equip the next generation of web-savvy entrepreneurs with infrastructure and support that is critical for growth and success, especially in the early stages. That includes best-in-class hosted infrastructure, mentorship from SoftLayer’s Innovation Team and executives, and increased exposure through marketing initiatives.”

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