Security and privacy biggest concern for cloud: EIU study

According to Hitachi Data Systems Corporation study, 87 percent of the senior management is concerned with security and privacy of corporate data for cloud implementations.

Also, responses indicated outages and failures of public cloud implementations were twice as likely to occur when compared to private cloud.

According to Economist Intelligent Unit (EIU) study, Preparing for next-generation cloud: Lessons learned and insights shared, 67 percent of respondents said they have suffered some type of incident or issue related to their cloud computing implementation.

9 percent of the respondents who have suffered some type of incident said it as high damage while 55 percent said the damage as being limited and 34 said the damage is medium.


cloud study by Hitachi


While, 46 percent of respondents consider loss of consumer data as the biggest risk to their organization of a failed cloud implementation, followed by loss of revenue which is 40 percent and 36 percent breach of customer privacy.

Additionally, 26 percent of survey respondents who experienced a cloud incident cite a prolonged failure to integrate with the public cloud as a problem.

According to 36 percent of respondents, primary cause of the incident is technical error.

The repost has also identified five practices to make the most of their cloud opportunities which can help drive greater business agility, improved data access and a more productive, mobilized workforce.

Five practices include ensure cloud providers can meet corporate business and IT requirements, choose the right cloud service for greater control over security and data protection, use cloud architectures that enable connections from cloud services to existing IT infrastructure, consider factors beyond costs and define business requirements for IT to offer cloud services and act as cloud brokers.

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