SAP cloud revenue increased 130 percent to €758 million

SAP said its software and software-related service revenue increased 11 percent at constant currencies to €14.03 billion in 2013.

Cloud subscription and support revenue increased 130 percent to €758 million.

HANA software revenue increased 69 percent to €664 million.

Operating profit increased 13 percent to approximately €5.9 billion.

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Software and cloud subscription revenue increased 10 percent to €5.3 billion. Total revenue grew 8 percent to €16.9 billion.

“Four years of double-digit growth clearly shows that our customer-focused innovation strategy is winning. We are one of the few global tech companies that has successfully managed the transition to the cloud while growing our core business and improving our profitability at the same time,” said Bill McDermott and Jim Hagemann Snabe, Co-CEOs of SAP.

“SAP invested significantly in innovation and successfully scaled its cloud business while maintaining operational discipline and reaching our 2013 operating profit outlook,” said Werner Brandt, CFO of SAP.

SAP’s cloud business demonstrates the company’s leadership in the Cloud. SAP’s annual cloud revenue run rate now exceeds €1.06 billion.

SAP HANA, the platform for real-time business applications, was a major growth engine in 2013. Full year 2013 HANA software revenue increased 69 percent to €664.

Customers are showing strong interest in SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA as well as SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud.

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