SAP China launches Anywhere solution for e-commerce needs of SMBs

SAP has launched its Anywhere front-office solution tailored to the e-commerce needs of SMBs in China.
SMBs can utilize SAP Anywhere to monetize digital sales channels.

Features of SAP Anywhere allow SMBs to create online stores in minutes. It gives access to shared inventory and logistics insights in real time with unified order management software. SMBs and their entire value chains can integrate SAP Anywhere with internal and external back-office data sources to create real-time analytics that drive active decision making.

Commerce features include inventory control and insight, online marketplace management and business and customer engagement. SAP made the announcement at today’s launch event of SAP Anywhere in Beijing.

Commerce via mobile devices in China is set to dominate worldwide sales. SAP Anywhere positions SMBs to leverage this opportunity by providing a new tool designed and built from the ground up to be native mobile and cloud technology.

SMBs represent two thirds of all businesses in China, and China Telecom itself supports 50,000 sellers and 40 million SMBs.

Provided as a software-as-a-service solution run by China Datacom, a subsidiary of China Comservice, in a public cloud, SAP Anywhere can be accessed via mobile devices and desktops. It delivers a consistent customer experience beginning with online and offline marketing campaigns and extending to shopping functions.

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