Roxtec International Upgrades to IFS Cloud Solution for Growth and Efficiency

Roxtec International, a Swedish modular pipe and cable sealing systems company, has decided to upgrade its existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to the latest IFS Cloud solution. The move comes as part of Roxtec’s commitment to driving its ongoing global growth and enhancing operational efficiency.
Computer userThe upgrade to IFS Cloud will provide Roxtec with an evergreen ERP model, ensuring access to the latest functionality, while maintaining compliance with local market regulations. The cloud-based solution will offer the company enhanced capabilities in business process automation, integrated analytics, and business intelligence, enabling increased productivity across its operations.

Roxtec’s use of IFS software has already facilitated comprehensive global visibility over its daily operations and localization for its numerous subsidiaries. With the transition to IFS Cloud, Roxtec aims to further optimize its operations, reduce costs, and streamline procurement processes through improved electronic data interchanges. The solution will also address challenges related to Engineer to Order (ETO) and Configure to Order (CTO) processes, enhancing parts handling and reducing the reliance on custom reports and integrations.

Rikard Hasselgren, Chief Information Officer at Roxtec, emphasized the company’s longstanding partnership with IFS: “Using IFS Cloud will enable us to enhance our operational reliability, security, redundancy, and scalability across all our daily operations – from manufacturing to customer orders to invoicing and finance.”

Ann Kristin Sander, Managing Director Nordics at IFS, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration: “Roxtec’s consistent growth across critical infrastructure, manufacturing, and renewable energy sectors showcases its demand-driven approach. We are excited to continue partnering with Roxtec, enabling them to achieve their long-term strategic goals with the scalability and efficiency provided by IFS Cloud.”

The rollout of IFS Cloud will initially cover operations in 25 countries, with further expansion plans in the pipeline. The upgrade is poised to equip Roxtec International with the tools needed to meet present demands and position the company for sustained success in the future.