Rimini Street to receive $50 mn refund from Oracle

Rimini Street, a provider of enterprise software products and services, said it would receive a refund of $50 million from Oracle.

The Court of Appeals on January 8, 2018 reversed certain awards made in Oracle’s favor during and after our 2015 trial, and vacated others, including an injunction that had already been stayed by the appellate court.

The Court of Appeals also overturned all orders and judgments against Rimini Street’s CEO Seth A. Ravin.

While affirming the jury’s finding of innocent copyright infringement for processes that Rimini Street confirms are no longer in use since at least July 2014, the Court of Appeals also affirmed that Rimini Street provided third-party support for Oracle’s enterprise software, in lawful competition with Oracle’s direct maintenance services.

The favorable appeal decision should result in a refund of nearly $50 million to Rimini Street from Oracle.

Rimini Street on January 22, 2018 filed a petition for a rehearing with the Court of Appeals to recover up to an additional $32 million from Oracle ($32 million over and above the nearly $50 million refund ordered by the Court of Appeals). The Court of Appeals on March 2, 2018 denied the rehearing petition.

Rimini Street said it will move forward to recover the court-ordered refund of nearly $50 million from Oracle, consider further appeal options including a potential appeal to the United States Supreme Court and continue to prosecute its pending litigation against Oracle – including its claims that Oracle has engaged in illegal and anti-competitive practices and conduct.

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