Red Hat unveils Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.2; partners with NetApp, Symantec, and HP

Infotech Lead America: Red Hat has announced the availability of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.2, its open cloud offerings, with fully supported Storage Live Migration and a new third-party plug-in framework.

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.2 addresses the needs of enterprises and global organizations requiring high-performing open virtualization solutions that deliver greater levels of scalability and security, Red Hat said.

The open hybrid cloud solution is available as part of Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure, which combines traditional datacenter virtualization features provided by Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, cloud-enabled infrastructure provided by Red Hat OpenStack, and hybrid cloud management provided by Red Hat CloudForms.

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.2 includes fully supported Storage Live Migration, allowing virtual machine images to be moved from one storage domain to another without disrupting service. It also supports the latest processors from Intel and AMD, including Intel Haswell series and AMD Opteron G5 processors.

The company has also enhanced its storage management, networking management, fencing and power management, Spice console enhancements, logging and monitoring, and more.

The virtualization solution comes with new third-party plug-in framework that enables third parties to integrate new features and actions directly into the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization management user interface. New menu items, panes, and dialog boxes allow users to access the new functionality the same way they use Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization’s native functionality.

Red Hat has also collaborated with several companies to integrate their solutions with Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization via the new plug-in, including high availability and disaster recovery solutions from NetApp, Symantec, and Insight Control from HP.

With NetApp, Red Hat has developed the Virtual Storage Console (VSC) for Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization that helps improve efficiency while reducing cost and complexity in virtual environments using NetApp storage.

Veritas Cluster Server from Symantec, a comprehensive disaster recovery and high availability solution, will support Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.2 environments. The integrated solution is expected to automate the failover of a Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization environment over to a disaster recovery site.

Insight Control for Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization is a new plug-in currently being developed by HP to enable deployments using HP ProLiant servers to view a wealth of information provided by the HP Insight Control platform.

Recently Red Hat appointed Radhesh Balakrishnan as the new head for its virtualization technologies and solutions business. Under his leadership, Red Hat plans to expand its Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization offerings as well as deliver enterprise-class Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions powered by OpenStack, the company said.

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