Ramco HCM on Cloud solution comes with GPS and NFC support

Ramco Systems today said its Ramco HCM on Cloud solution will be available with GPS and NFC support.

Ramco HCM customers will have an option to record NFC based time and attendance to authenticate, trace, and interact with employees at various levels.

Ramco HCM with its GPS + NFC based attendance management system is aimed at addressing challenges from commonly used attendance mapping systems such as Biometric and Swipe cards. These solutions hav limited scope, high on investment and do not scale to the needs of a geographically dispersed workforce.

“Ramco is driving a move towards enabling a Digital Enterprise and with Internet of Things becoming mainstream, we are using the tectonic shift in technology to drive business benefits in a manner not thinkable earlier. With the emergence of a young breed of millennial workforce, HR Managers are forced to relook at their current systems,” said Virender Aggarwal, CEO, Ramco Systems.
The NFC feature prevents proxies and increases the accuracy of attendance. For Attendance clocking, employees are issued a card that contains an NFC tag. Upon holding the card close to an NFC enabled device, such as a smart phone, employee is instantly recognized and authenticated. The smart phone acts/becomes a Kiosk.

Ramco HCM on Cloud solution covers every aspect of an employee lifecycle: workforce management, recruitment, talent management, employee development, workforce planning and payroll & benefits.

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