Radixx deploys 8×8’s cloud-based UC and contact center services

Infotech Lead America: Radixx International, provider of Passenger Services System (PSS) software, has deployed 8×8’s hosted VoIP phone service and integrated unified communications to maximize customer service, control communications spending and ensure business continuity.

Radixx International provides hosted reservation services to 30+ airlines in five continents. The company pioneered the replacement of expensive, limited mainframes with a cost-effective, cloud-based system. It was looking for a solution that would enable its staff to focus on revenue-generating tasks instead of managing a PBX.

As a hosted solution, 8×8’s Virtual Office ensures business continuity that would have been threatened if a disaster had struck Radixx’s on-premise PBX. Hurricane Sandy had more enterprises turning to 8×8 for its cloud-based communications services for continuity and disaster recovery.

The initial deployment covered 63 phones, including 10 used by employees who work from home or abroad. Radixx will eventually extend Virtual Office to a total of 100 phones.

Virtual Office extends all hosted PBX services to employee smartphones, tablets and PCs enabling improved responsiveness and productivity. This feature also virtually eliminates roaming and long-distance charges for staff who travel or are based abroad.

Radixx has also implemented 8×8’s hosted contact center software solution, beginning with 10 seats. Previously, it used to take anywhere from 45 seconds to a minute and a half before a customer got into the support queue. After deploying 8×8’s ACD product, the wait time has reduced to 7 to 10 seconds, improving customer satisfaction.

Radixx has seen increase in business volumes recently, with 15 airlines signing up for its Passenger Service Systems.

8×8 saw success with Virtual Office and Virtual Contact Center as tens of thousands of businesses use the cloud communications solutions to enhance productivity and reduce operating costs. Founded in 1987, 8×8 had revenue of $86 million in FY12. Global Financial Credit, Mid Atlantic Air, MGS, Netsuite and Alliant are some if its clients.


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