Rackspace unveils Hong Kong’s first hybrid cloud powered by OpenStack

Rackspace Hosting announced the launch of Hong Kong’s first hybrid cloud powered by OpenStack open source cloud computing platform.

Hong Kong was chosen as strategic hub due to increasing local demand for cloud services that improve flexibility, boost innovation, and reduce cost of deployment, the company said.

The new public cloud joins Rackspace’s existing portfolio of private cloud and dedicated solutions to complete the Open Cloud Company’s Hybrid Cloud offering to businesses throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

Rackspace Hybrid Cloud encompasses public cloud, private cloud and dedicated servers, working alone or together in any combination in a unified infrastructure, all backed by Fanatical Support. The solution enables businesses to tailor their architecture to create the best fit for their unique set of applications and workloads.

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Hybrid cloud provides a massive opportunity, as demand for cloud services continues to increase rapidly throughout the Asia-Pacific region, say experts. According to a survey commissioned by HP, 77 percent of enterprise IT delivery is expected to be cloud-based in Asia Pacific by 2016.

Thirty eight percent would be on private cloud, 22 percent managed cloud (private cloud managed by someone else) and 17 percent public cloud. Traditional IT will remain a key delivery model accounting for 24 percent.

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