Rackspace study says 88% cloud users point to cost savings

Infotech Lead Asia: A study by Rackspace Hosting says 88 percent of cloud users — in the U.S. and U.K. — point to cost savings.

56 percent of respondents say that cloud computing has helped them boost profits.

88 percent of UK and US business respondents using the cloud have saved money.

62 percent are reinvesting these savings back into the business to do things like increase headcount, boost wages and drive product innovation. 68 percent say the use of open source cloud is on the increase.

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56 percent have been able to increase profits through using cloud services.

49 percent have been able to grow their business through use of the cloud.

60 percent say that cloud computing has reduced the need for their IT team to maintain infrastructure, giving them more time to focus on strategy and innovation.

The US is leading the way in the deployment of open cloud (70 percent) compared to the UK (42 percent), while both see open standards as an increasing factor when deploying cloud computing.

74 percent of the US organisations are seeing their use of open source cloud on the rise (57 percent in the UK), while 86 percent feel that open standards are boosting their ability to innovate, compared to 79 per cent of UK respondents.

62 percent of these firms are reinvesting the money saved through cloud computing back into the business. One priority for reinvesting this cash is improving and expanding product and service innovation (stated by 48 percent).

However, 25 percent of respondents also reinvested money into boosting wages and bonuses (34 percent in the US; 15 percent in the UK).

Nearly half of UK and US businesses surveyed (56 percent) agreed that cloud computing has directly helped to boost profits.

Furthermore 49 percent stated that cloud computing has been a key factor in enabling their company to grow its business (58 percent in the US; 40 percent in the UK).

John Engates, CTO, Rackspace, said: “The study shows just what an important impact cloud computing is having on UK and US businesses.”

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