Rackspace Hosting extends Critical Application Services to open cloud

Infotech Lead America: Rackspace Hosting has extended Critical Application Services to the open cloud and support for Adobe CQ web content management customers.

Critical Application Services enables enterprises to focus on their core business while Rackspace keeps their apps running.

Rackspace uses a combination of web-scale engineers, on-going consultation, and performance monitoring through a CA Technologies application performance management solution. Rackspace tailors every environment to the customer’s needs.

Critical Application Services provides a holistic view across the end user’s application and infrastructure environment. This allows customers to proactively analyze and optimize performance and improve the user experience.

“After listening to our customers describe their IT needs, we have extended Critical Application Services to the open cloud and support for Adobe CQ which raises the level of maintenance to the application layer,” said Robert Fuller, VP of Global Enterprise Solutions at Rackspace.

“By hiring us to provide support at the application layer, a customer can leverage Rackspace expertise to efficiently monitor and optimize infrastructure performance. This allows our partners and customers to focus on their core businesses,” Fuller added.

Moreover, Critical Application Services enables organizations to maximize the effectiveness of Adobe CQ, the foundation of Adobe’s Web Experience Management (WEM) solution. Adobe WEM provides digital marketers with easy-to-use, web-based applications for creating, managing, measuring and optimizing personalized online experiences across web, mobile and social channels.

“Rackspace clearly understands the application, hosting and high-availability requirements of our customers. By extending Critical Application Services to Adobe CQ in the cloud, Rackspace is delivering our industry leading web experience management solution to digital marketers in a means that enables them to go live with campaigns immediately, scale as needed, and maintain complete visibility and confidence from implementation through production,” said Kevin Cochrane, VP of Product Strategy and Solution Marketing, Adobe Systems Incorporated.

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