Rackspace cloud helps HubSpot handle growing workloads

Infotech Lead America: Rackspace Hosting, an open cloud company, has teamed up with inbound marketing software company HubSpot to support its marketing Software-as-a-Service set of solutions.

HubSpot will now use Rackspace open hybrid cloud technology which spans across Rackspace Public Cloud, Rackspace Private Cloud, powered by OpenStack, and dedicated environments.

The Rackspace open hybrid cloud solutions will support their marketing toolset featuring blogging, analytics, social media, email, automation, keyword research functions and more.

HubSpot serves more than 8,600 companies in 56 countries worldwide. As HubSpot’s customers continue to leverage inbound marketing to engage prospects and customers for their business, their infrastructure needs continue to grow exponentially.

HubSpot realized that they will need to double their infrastructure needs over the next year. Rackspace was able to deliver a supported hybrid solution that was optimized for their needs.

Rackspace’s solution for HubSpot matches application needs with any form factor – public cloud, private cloud and bare metal, and are backed by Fanatical Support.

Open source technology based clouds such as the Rackspace Private Cloud have allowed HubSpot to build a hyper growth business model with minimal software expenses, which frees up time to focus on its core business of providing customers with a solid marketing platform.

Leveraging the new tools in HubSpot 3 which was released last year, 93 percent  of customers reported an increase in leads, and 38 percent doubled their lead flow in just twelve months. Marketers used the company’s software to engage 46,133,635 contacts, send 555,125,987 emails, and track almost 2.5 billion page views in 2012 alone.

With Rackspace’s support, HubSpot can now handle rapidly growing and changing workloads while continuing to expand their product offerings and their customer base. The blend of bare metal through a virtualized cloud supports various workloads and is burstable according to the demands of the workload.


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