Prudential to deploy Google Cloud’s data analytics capabilities

Prudential plc, a leading insurance group, has selected Google Cloud to accelerate its digital transformation.
Google Cloud businessPrudential will deploy Google Cloud’s data analytics capabilities, and the Google ecosystem, to accelerate its digital transformation and to enhance user engagement of its health and wealth platform, Pulse.

Pulse is part of Prudential’s multi-channel strategy to make healthcare more accessible and increase financial inclusion. Pulse, which is available in 17 markets and 11 languages, provides users with access to services such as health risk assessment and online doctor consultation.

This announcement strengthens the existing relationship between Prudential and Google that began in 2019. Prudential is using Google Maps in the Pulse application, and further projects with Google Health, Document AI and Fitbit are being explored to enhance efficiency, functionality and user engagement.

Prudential aims to benefit from Google’s suite of data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning tools such as Kubeflow, Looker, BigQuery and Vertex AI, to enhance customer interactions and to provide more personalized, accurate healthcare information and education to Pulse app users.

Prudential has more than 530,000 agents across its 23 markets in Asia and Africa and over 170 bancassurance partners with access to circa 27,600 bank branches, serving more than 19 million customers