Progress Software offers beta program of DataDirect Cloud service

Infotech Lead America: Progress Software is offering a beta program of the DataDirect Cloud service.

The new SaaS-based connection management service enables simplified SQL access to a broad spectrum of cloud-based data sources through a single standards-based interface.

Connectivity-as-a-Service provides standards-based SQL access to cloud data without requiring customized interfaces or new libraries to learn. It executes the SQL query against the appropriate cloud data source, managing all of the complexity, API’s, and versioning itself so that the application does not have to.

Specifically for ISVs, the ability to distribute the DataDirect Cloud OEM driver “in the box” and support a broad array of data sources that will be updated and expanded regularly without having to redeploy to on premise installations.

Delivery of the DataDirect Cloud connectivity management service is expected in the second quarter of 2013, with beta program access available for a limited number of participants beginning in January 2013.

“The success of cloud computing and SaaS based applications will depend in part on eliminating the “data silo” these applications create for their customers,” said Michael Benedict, vice president and business line manager, Progress DataDirect.

“Our customers and partners have big ideas and we can help them to bring these ideas to light through greater access to data. With the DataDirect Cloud offering, we are delivering the final link to effectively integrate SaaS based applications with the common tools most organizations have in house today,” Benedict added.

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