Price of Google Cloud services set to increase

Google Cloud announced significant increase in price across its core services like storage, compute and networking.
Google Cloud at IT trade show
The increase in price of Google Cloud offerings will be effective from October 1.

Google Cloud is the third largest Cloud provider in the world in Q4 2021. Google’s Cloud business grew 63 percent to account for 9 percent of the Cloud market. Leading Cloud vendors are Amazon Web Services and Microsoft.

The company said that the impact of the pricing changes depends on customers’ use cases and usage.

“While some customers may see an increase in their bills, we’re also introducing new options for some services to better align with usage, which could lower some customers’ bills,” said Sachin Gupta, Vice President and GM, Google Cloud Infrastructure, in a blog post.

Core storage features, like multi-region Nearline storage, will see at least 50 percent price increase.

Operations pricing for Google Cloud’s Coldline Storage Class A will double from $0.10 per 10,000 operations to $0.20.

Some of the changes will also provide new, lower-cost options and features for Google Cloud products.

“Other changes will raise prices on certain products. Our goal is to provide more flexible pricing models and options for how customers are using our cloud services,” Sachin Gupta said.

The company has sent customers a six-month notice on the price changes, which go into effect on October 1.

Google said it Cloud customers under existing commit contracts with a floating or fixed discount will not face any changes until renewal.

Which services are changing? What new services are being introduced?

We are changing prices for some storage, compute, and networking products. The changes provide customers with new ways to optimize their spending based on workload type and size, or data portability needs, as well as reducing costs on some services. Specific changes include:

Cloud Storage pricing changes for data mobility, including replication of data written to a dual- or multi-region storage bucket, and inter-region data access

Introduction of a new lower-cost archive snapshot option for Persistent Disk (PD), so that compliance/archiving use cases are charged less than compute-intensive DevOps workloads

New outbound data processing pricing for Cloud Load Balancing, in line with other leading cloud providers

New pricing for Network Topology, which will include Performance Dashboard within Network Intelligence Center at no additional charge

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