Polyvista’s system reduces data sorting and analysis time for Citibank

Infotech Lead America:PolyVista announced that Citibank’s mortgage division has implemented PolyVista’s Cloud Solution to streamline their customer survey analysis and to find out what drives customer experience during the loan application process.Citibank’s team of customer experience analysts used Polyvista’s solutions to significantly reduce their data sorting and analysis time. The solutions also revealed factors that negatively impacted customer satisfaction, thereby improving reporting processes, and helping Citibank implement simple changes that raised their NPS scores.

Brian Brown, the vice president of customer advocacy and research, headed a customer experience team that sorted and analyzed large amounts of customer survey and loan data in order to “develop practices that will directly impact client experience.” Their previous analysis tool had “limited insight capabilities” and they were in search of “a powerful analysis tool that could also be used as a quick way to sort through the data,” he explained.

Citibank saw improved results immediately after deploying PolyVista’s Cloud Solution.

Recently Polyvista helped Lenovo improve its product range’s quality and reliability with its ability to merge huge amounts of data and their prebuilt algorithms. Last year Trimble Navigation, a provider of advanced location-based solutions, deployed PolyVista’s Discovery software in their quality, reliability and service groups to mine data from multiple databases, leading to greater data access efficiency, increased engineering group productivity, and significant warranty cost reductions.

Polyvista also has helped EMC to set case reserves more accurately, control expenses better, use data driven analysis for better claim outcomes and improve executive decision making.

Apart from professional analysis and research, Polyvista also provides solutions that uncover valuable information in data, innovation and co-creation services, implementation support for big and small organizations, proficiency training, and hosted and managed platforms.

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