P&N Group Selects Informatica and Snowflake for Cloud Analytics Modernization

Informatica, a leader in enterprise cloud data management, has joined forces with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, to drive cloud analytics modernization for P&N Group in Australia.
TeamViewer user on a laptopThis strategic partnership will leverage Informatica’s Intelligent Data Management Cloud’s AI-powered cloud-native services and Snowflake’s Data Cloud platform to enhance data capabilities, quality, and governance, ultimately enhancing customer experiences and regulatory compliance.

P&N Group, encompassing P&N Bank in Western Australia and BCU Bank in New South Wales and south-east Queensland, has chosen to embrace Informatica and Snowflake as part of its overarching digital transformation strategy. This initiative aims to create a more personalized banking experience for its customers while safeguarding the security and integrity of customer data.

The comprehensive solution offered by Informatica and Snowflake will empower P&N Group to achieve greater business agility by efficiently handling substantial volumes of data and breaking down data silos across P&N Bank and BCU Bank systems. This will result in actionable insights that can bolster the bank’s data science team, enabling them to enhance customer satisfaction, retention, and overall experiences. Additionally, the partnership will strengthen the bank’s data management practices for regulatory reporting requirements.

Chris Malcom, General Manager of Data & Open Banking at P&N Group, emphasized the significance of this technology partnership: “P&N Group’s transformation program involves an investment in strategic platforms that will provide secure data environments, advanced data ingestion and offer advanced automated governance tools.”

Richard Scott, Group Vice President for Asia Pacific at Informatica, expressed excitement about the collaboration: “This partnership is one we are truly excited about, particularly with P&N Group’s adoption of our new AI-powered, cloud-native solutions to enhance customer experience and regulatory compliance.”

Ash Willis, Vice President of Partners and Alliances for Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) at Snowflake, added his perspective on the collaboration: “We look forward to partnering with Informatica to support P&N Group’s data-led digital transformation that can help drive the evolution of customer engagement in financial services.”

This strategic collaboration between Informatica and Snowflake marks a step forward in enhancing P&N Group’s data capabilities and signifies their dedication to leveraging technology for the betterment of customer experiences and operational excellence in the dynamic financial services landscape.

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