Plantronics announces Manager Pro v3.0 cloud service

Plantronics today announced Plantronics Manager Pro v3.0 cloud service that customers and partners can use to deploy and manage Plantronics communications devices.

With this new service, Information Technology professionals can deploy a consistent user experience to any number of Plantronics audio devices while reducing complexity for end-users.

Part of the Plantronics Spokes portfolio, Plantronics Manager Pro along with the new Plantronics Hub application, also helps IT Managers rapidly diagnose and resolve client-side unified communications deployment issues.

As part of this announcement, Plantronics is also expanding the Plantronics Spokes software portfolio.

Plantronics Hub for Mac and Plantronics Hub for Windows are software applications that enable users to configure and manage their Plantronics communications devices.

Plantronics SDK for Mac and Plantronics SDK for Windows v3.0 are new kits that enable developers to leverage the intelligence of sensors contained in select Plantronics headsets to automate routine processes, or to make communications interactions more predictive and more intelligent.