Payworks ties with PernixData FVP to optimize server speed

Payworks, a Canadian workforce management solution company, has selected server-side storage intelligence company PernixData to help optimize the performance of their web server cluster. The cluster handles the company’s payroll, human resources and employee time management solutions.
By deploying the PernixData functional virtual prototype software with HP servers and storage, and Intel flash, the company reduced latency of its cloud applications to under 1 millisecond, a statement said. Payworks says its customers received quick and easy access to their data from anywhere in the world.
“PernixData FVP software is a natural fit for our environment, delivering immediate web performance gains with no changes to our storage infrastructure,” said Bob Haldane, Infrastructure Manager at Payworks. “There is no better way to cost effectively add storage performance independent of buying more storage capacity.”
PernixData FVP software puts storage intelligence into server flash and RAM to accelerate the performance of virtualized applications. It decouples storage performance from capacity to enhance speed of virtualized applications. The software also lowers storage costs, and improves storage performance.
“The FVP software was installed in a matter of minutes with our HP BL460 Gen 8/9 blade servers, Intel S3700 SSDs and HP storage platform,” said Haldane. “We are thrilled with the performance of FVP. But the ease of installation was the clincher for us. Plus, FVP lays a foundation for future application growth, enabling us to deploy more virtual machines and virtual databases without worrying about storage performance bottlenecks.”