Parallels launches Plesk 12 with new WordPress Toolkit

Cloud service platform provider Parallels has launched Parallels Plesk 12, featuring a powerful new security core, a full-featured WordPress Toolkit and four distinct editions of the software.

The software editions – Parallels Plesk Web Admin Edition, Parallels Plesk Web App Edition, Parallels Plesk Web Pro Edition, and Parallels Plesk Web Host Edition – are designed to deliver targeted functionality to web administrators, application developers, web professionals and hosting service providers.

Each new edition of Plesk 12 simplifies core web management tasks that better align with the way infrastructure is being used for hosting websites and web applications today. A new security core based on ModSecurity rules by Atomicorp provides server-to-site security and the new WordPress Toolkit will help hosters capture the growth in WordPress hosting.

The WordPress Toolkit simplifies daily tasks required to manage and secure WordPress sites. With Plesk 12 and the WordPress Toolkit, you will enable customers to manage multiple WordPress installations, easily install and remove WordPress. Besides, it also securely install WordPress and harden existing WordPress installations.

Meanwhile, the new Security Core in Plesk 12 combines ModSecurity, Fail2Ban and Outbound Antispam tools allowing you to deliver server-to-site security out of the box. The product secures servers that protect against persistent attacks and automatically block malicious attacks against the servers. In addition to this, the product ensures cleaner IP address with outgoing spam protection preventing your servers from being blacklisted.

“The hosted and cloud infrastructure industry is in a period of dynamic change, creating new opportunities for our partners. Plesk 12 gives service providers an easy way to turn commodity infrastructure into compelling solutions that solve real customer problems,” said Birger Steen, chief executive officer, Parallels.

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