Outsourced contact center service provider taps Expert Planet

Infotech Lead America: Expert Planet, has tied up with Five9, to deploy, test, measure and optimize client programs, without operating a physical contact center.

Expert Planet, an outsourced contact center service provider, runs targeted sales and marketing campaigns for a number of household-name organizations. In four years, Expert Planet has grown its agent community to over 1,000 individuals.

In line with the growth of Expert Planet, it wanted more flexibility and scalability to its on-premise contact center infrastructure. When its demands outgrew existing facilities, the company leveraged Five9 for a flexible and open solution in the cloud.

Expert Planet integrated Five9 with Salesforce for unified customer data as they wanted powerful application programming interfaces (APIs), which they could use to configure contact center programs and real-time links with customer data, reporting, workforce management and statistical analysis applications.

“Five9 offered a robust pre-packaged integration to Salesforce and Web services APIs that enabled us to more rapidly respond to evolving customer requirements than we would be able to achieve through custom coding. The drag-and-drop nature of these tools resulted in significant cost savings and less of a demand on our technology team,” said Greg Levow, vice president of technology at Expert Planet.

The Five9 Adapter for Salesforce is beneficial because agents have instant access to features such as screen pop, click-to-dial, call notes, voicemail, call scripting and more. These features have allowed Expert Planet to increase agent efficiency, expand programs to interact with more sellers, and add seller survey offerings.

The cloud-based solution from Five9 provides ExpertPlanet the flexibility to expand on-demand, source expert agents from a variety of locations, and increase productivity through integration among all its business applications.

“Our robust integrations to cloud-based CRM solutions and our open APIs give companies a customer service advantage by unifying contact center software and mission-critical business applications in the cloud,” said Five9 CEO Mike Burkland.

“By leveraging our open platform and pre-packaged integrations, Expert Planet is a great example of how a company can improve business agility, agent productivity and data quality across technology solutions without having to invest in custom integration points,” Burkland added.

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