Oracle’s Larry Ellison presents Cloud programs assisting CIOs to cut cost

Larry Ellison of OracleOracle executive chairman and CTO Larry Ellison announced new Oracle Cloud programs including Bring Your Own License to PaaS and Universal Credits that will assist CIOs to cut costs.

CIOs can lower spending on Cloud by ensuring increased automation and flexibility, and grab more value from their existing Oracle software investments.

“We are transforming the way all companies buy and use cloud by providing flexibility and choice,” said Larry Ellison. “Today, we combined the lowest prices with the highest performance and more automation to deliver a lower total cost of ownership for our customers.”

Currently, customers can bring their on-premises licenses to Oracle IaaS. Oracle customers can now reuse their existing software licenses for Oracle PaaS, including Oracle Database, Oracle Middleware, Oracle Analytics, and others.

Customers with existing on-premises licenses can leverage that investment to use Oracle Database Cloud at a fraction of the old PaaS price. Running Oracle Database on Oracle IaaS is faster and offers more features than Amazon.

Customers can reduce management and operational costs required for on-premises maintenance by taking advantage of this PaaS automation.

Oracle said Universal Credits will ensure one simple contract that provides unlimited access to current and future Oracle PaaS and IaaS services. Customers gain on-demand access to all services plus the benefit of the lower cost of pre-paid services. They have the flexibility to upgrade, expand or move services across datacenters based on their requirements.

With Universal Credits, customers gain the ability to switch the PaaS or IaaS services they are using without having to notify Oracle. Customers also benefit from using new services with their existing set of cloud credits when made available.

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