Oracle unveils new subscription model for DaaS for Marketing

Oracle has announced a new data subscription model for Oracle Data as a Service (DaaS) for Marketing, a component of Oracle Data Cloud, which gives marketers a centralized and cost-effective way to budget for and buy anonymous audience data.

The new subscription model will suit organizations that leverage audience data across multiple channels, and will help marketers control data costs, precisely target communications and deliver consistent messages to their audiences.

The pricing model is designed to provide cost consistency across a range of use cases, even during peak marketing periods, and can be easily upgraded to satisfy increased data demand. This will simplify the way marketers budget for and buy data.

Oracle says the new pricing model delivered by Oracle DaaS for Marketing allows customers to reduce data costs by up to 70 percent after shifting from usage-based pricing models.

The subscription also comes with access to Oracle DaaS for Marketing audience analytics tools to help marketers profile and grow their prospect pool, model site visitors, and guide audience definition and data buying decisions.

Oracle DaaS for Marketing subscription prices vary depending on the number of data categories and destinations where you want to use the data. Prices start from $800 per month.

Oracle DaaS for Marketing is available as a standalone data offering and also comes pre-integrated with the Oracle Marketing Cloud data management platform, the company said.

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