Oracle Unveils Cutting-Edge Healthcare Solutions at Oracle Health Conference

In a significant stride towards revolutionizing healthcare through technology, Oracle, a global technology giant, has made a series of groundbreaking announcements at the Oracle Health Conference, unveiling innovative solutions aimed at transforming the healthcare landscape.
Oracle Health Conference

Generative AI Services for Enhanced Patient Care

Oracle announced the introduction of pioneering generative AI services tailored for healthcare organizations. Integrated seamlessly with Oracle’s electronic health record (EHR) solutions, the Oracle Clinical Digital Assistant empowers healthcare providers with generative AI capabilities, complemented by voice commands. This integration is designed to streamline manual tasks, allowing healthcare professionals to redirect their focus towards providing superior patient care. Moreover, patients can effortlessly perform self-service actions, including appointment scheduling and clinical information retrieval, through simple voice commands.

The Oracle Clinical Digital Assistant, empowered by generative AI, assists physicians during appointments by automating note-taking and suggesting context-aware next actions, such as medication orders or scheduling further tests and follow-up appointments. This innovative approach enhances efficiency, enabling physicians to fully engage with patients while simplifying administrative responsibilities.

Healthcare-Focused Enhancements to Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications Suite

Addressing the unique needs of the healthcare sector, Oracle is integrating healthcare-specific capabilities into the Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications Suite. These enhancements are designed to bolster financial visibility, fortify supply chains, and elevate the standard of patient care. By leveraging these capabilities, healthcare organizations can boost productivity, minimize costs, embrace new business models, enhance decision-making processes, and ultimately provide superior patient care.

These advancements empower healthcare organizations to centralize fragmented systems and automate crucial processes, accommodating diverse delivery models, including telehealth and home-based care, thus enhancing the overall healthcare experience.

Empowering Healthcare Workforce with Enhanced Management Capabilities

Recognizing the evolving dynamics of labor markets and fluctuating customer demand, Oracle has introduced new workforce management capabilities within Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM). These capabilities, known as Oracle Workforce Scheduling and Oracle Workforce Labor Optimization, integrate business and electronic health record (EHR) data on a unified cloud platform. This integration facilitates seamless management of advanced scheduling and labor requirements, ensuring optimal workforce deployment.

Part of the Oracle Cloud HCM suite, Oracle Workforce Scheduling and Oracle Workforce Labor Optimization equip healthcare organizations with critical insights necessary to navigate variable patient demand. By strategically deploying the right personnel at the right time, healthcare providers can enhance workforce engagement and motivation.

The Oracle Health Conference has showcased Oracle’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to revolutionize healthcare, setting the stage for a future where patient care is seamlessly integrated with innovative digital solutions. Stay tuned for further updates on these transformative healthcare offerings.

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