Oracle taps Verizon’s Secure Cloud Interconnect services

Enterprise IT major Oracle has tapped Verizon’s Secure Cloud Interconnect services for enabling enterprise clients to move workloads to the Oracle Cloud.

Verizon Secure Cloud Interconnect for Oracle FastConnect enables customers to connect to Oracle Cloud data center sites located in the U.S. and Europe. Oracle’s Cloud facilities help improve performance by reducing latency and provide better quality of service.

Verizon’s Secure Cloud Interconnect for Oracle FastConnect ensures enterprises to benefit from the service’s Software Defined Networking (SDN) capabilities to gain control and agility over their cloud environments. This includes consumption-based bandwidth, pre-provisioned on-demand resources, controlled application performance and varying classes of service that can be easily provisioned via Verizon’s Dynamic Network Manager.

More than 70 percent of large enterprises surveyed currently use or plan to use multiple clouds to deliver IT services in the next three years, according to a recent cloud research report conducted by Turbonomic and Verizon.

“With Verizon’s Secure Cloud Interconnect service, Oracle customers can benefit from the latest in networking technology as they continually groom their networks to handle the demands of their business,” said Diby Malakar, vice president of product management at Oracle.

Verizon Secure Cloud Interconnect for Oracle FastConnect also allows enterprises to store data in a variety of settings, including a traditional IT environment, and a dedicated on or off premises cloud, making it easier to scale and meet changing business conditions.

Shawn Hakl, vice president of enterprise networking and innovation at Verizon, said SDN is at the heart of Secure Cloud Interconnect solution to ensure that Oracle customers can deliver better performance.

With Oracle, Verizon’s Secure Cloud Interconnect offers access to nine cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, HPE Rapid Connect, IBM Cloud Softlayer, Microsoft ExpressRoute for Office 365TM, Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute, Microsoft Azure Government, Salesforce, SAP, and Verizon Cloud and Enterprise Cloud Federal Edition.