Oracle, Mellanox team to develop cloud networking standards

Oracle to buy cloud-based CPQ solution provider BigMachines

Oracle and Mellanox announced a partnership to drive interoperability between their products and to jointly develop further industry standards for InfiniBand — a high speed Cloud networking technology.

Products supporting the InfiniBand standard provide extreme bandwidth and ultra-low latency for fast and secure cloud infrastructure. Moreover, they are also based upon industry standards and available from multiple vendors.

Oracle and Mellanox Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) 100G InfiniBand products are engineered to the InfiniBand Architecture Specification Release 1.3 and allow customers to deploy a 100Gb/s fabric, which is compatible with the previous generations of InfiniBand-based systems.

Oracle said its core strategy is to enable its cloud solutions and Engineered Systems with open technologies that deliver the highest performance, efficiency, and security.

Due to its superior performance, efficiency, and scalability, InfiniBand is a dominant fabric for building Super Computers, which rapidly process massive amounts of data.

Oracle has chosen InfiniBand as the foundational technology for Engineered Systems to provide unparalleled performance and scale to Oracle’s suite of business critical applications.