Oracle Expands Presence in Chile with Second Cloud Region, Bolstering Digital Transformation

Oracle has unveiled its second Oracle Cloud Region in Chile, positioning itself as the first hyperscaler to boast dual regions within the country.
Oracle ChileThis latest addition, named the Oracle Cloud Valparaiso Region, joins forces with the existing region in Santiago, fortifying the tech giant’s support for various industries in Chile while addressing crucial concerns around data residency and sovereignty.

Joaquin Ma-Shichoy, Managing Director of Oracle Chile, emphasized the significance of this milestone for customers, stating, “The arrival of the second Oracle Cloud Region in Chile is a significant milestone as it allows our customers to gain the benefits of OCI’s services, while leveraging best practices for business continuity and disaster recovery.”

As part of Oracle’s overarching strategy to establish a distributed cloud network, this new public cloud region marks the 48th globally. It pledges to deliver the complete suite of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) services and cloud applications, encompassing pivotal offerings like Oracle Autonomous Database, MySQL HeatWave Database Service, Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes, Oracle Cloud VMware Solution, and AI infrastructure.

Expanding its investment footprint across Chile and Latin America, Oracle now commands seven public cloud regions across Chile, Colombia, Brazil, and Mexico  – surpassing the number maintained by any other major hyperscaler in the region.

The Oracle Cloud Valparaíso Region unlocks a plethora of cloud services enabling organizations to modernize applications, drive innovation through data and analytics, and seamlessly migrate various workloads from their on-premises data centers to OCI.

This addition fosters low-latency networking and high-speed data transfer between the two Oracle Cloud Regions in Chile, empowering customers and partners to maximize the value derived from their data. Moreover, the redundancy and disaster recovery capabilities offered significantly bolster business continuity and align with Chile’s stringent regulations on data residency and sovereignty.

Notably, many Oracle Cloud Regions, including the existing Oracle Cloud Santiago Region, operate on 100 percent renewable energy, ensuring a sustainable and eco-friendly computing environment for organizations leveraging these services.

Testimonials from industry leaders echo the transformative impact of Oracle’s expanded presence in Chile. Sergio Cornejo, Chief Technology Officer at Unicomer, hailed Oracle’s support in migrating data centers to OCI, enabling them to surpass migration expectations and enhance service efficiency during peak demand periods.

Helder Branco, Head of IT Operations at Entel, highlighted the potential of Oracle’s second region in driving digital transformation and reinforcing resilient cloud architectures across industries in Chile.

Emilio Davis, CTO and Founder of Khipu, emphasized Oracle’s role in fortifying growth opportunities and fostering development across Latin America with the new cloud region.

Overall, Oracle’s expansion to 67 cloud regions across 26 countries, spanning both public and dedicated regions, underscores its commitment to providing a comprehensive suite of over 100 cloud services. These offerings aim to facilitate IT migration, modernization, and innovation across various sectors.

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