How Oracle EPM Cloud is assisting higher education institutions

Digital-EducationBusiness technology major Oracle announced some of the success stories of its higher education institution clients which are making investment in Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Cloud solutions.

US-based higher education institutions are deriving benefits from modern planning and forecasting insights by deploying Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Cloud solutions.

“We provide higher education institutions with tools that provide transparency into the costs of higher education so they can offer their students the best academic experience possible,” said Hari Sankar, group vice president, EPM product management at Oracle.

Oracle EPM Cloud customers in higher education include: Lorain County Community College, San Francisco State University, Shawnee State University, University of Maryland, Baltimore, University of Wyoming, and the University System of New Hampshire.

Oracle EPM Cloud helps higher education institutions better align budget dollars with organizational priorities to achieve academic and financial goals. With an intuitive user experience and prebuilt financial functions, higher education institutions can get greater insights from Oracle EPM Cloud’s automated data analysis.

Oracle said its EPM Cloud also helps with statutory and management reporting requirements higher education institutions may have to stakeholders, including state and local governments, governing boards, or accreditation bodies. The increased visibility into funding and tuition changes also helps them become more efficient and effective with public and private dollars.

San Francisco State University (SFSU) is using Oracle ERP Cloud and Oracle HCM Cloud for a number of years and wanted to perform advanced planning and analytics for multiple systems. They selected EPM to help them with reporting on their budget, particularly budgeting for headcount planning for future positions.

“San Francisco State University implemented Oracle EPM Cloud this year with the main goal being to reduce our time sifting through multiple systems and data downloads to just put a simple financial report or analysis together,” said Elena Stoian, executive director, budget administration & operations at SFSU.

“The budget office was spending more time finding data than conducting any analytical work. With Oracle EPM Cloud running, we are able to easily obtain the necessary financial data and spend more time on understanding and analyzing the numbers. Our end goal is to roll out the solution university-wide as our budgeting tool and we are on track to do just that,” Elena Stoian said.

University of Maryland, Baltimore is utilizing Oracle’s cloud-based infrastructure to help achieve its goals: to minimize the costs of upgrading and maintaining hardware, while improving functionality and security of financial management systems.

“We are counting on Oracle’s collaboration to make our cloud transition a success,” said Dawn M. Rhodes, chief business and financial officer and vice president.

Shawnee State University, Portsmouth, Ohio, revamped its business processes to become more cost efficient with tuition dollars – thanks to Oracle EPM Cloud.

Oracle EPM Cloud is assisting Shawnee State University to focus on making good decisions about costs and revenue.

“Shawnee State combines programs with affordable tuition to make college possible for students throughout Ohio and the Midwest,” said Rick Kurtz, president of Shawnee State University.

Shawnee State University realized and significant streamlining of paper-laden, manual processes with the implementation of Oracle Cloud Applications for ERP, HCM, and EPM.

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