Oracle enhances Cloud Platform for Integration

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Oracle enhanced its Cloud Platform for Integration with Oracle SOA Cloud Service and Oracle API Manager Cloud Service.

The company said the new additions will enable users to quickly integrate on-premises and cloud applications.

Moreover, these two cloud services join Oracle’s other iPaaS services, including Oracle Integration Cloud, which was announced in June.

Oracle SOA Cloud Service is a  cloud-based integration platform that provides developers easy provisioning, simplified management, automated upgrades and the ability to easily scale out. These features enable users to quickly develop and deploy APIs and integration projects to deliver innovative services faster. Additionally, it supports hybrid integration with its feasible deployment portability.

Oracle API Manager Cloud Service enables developers to create new custom APIs and expose them to internal or external consumers in a secure way to help develop innovative offerings for end users.

“IT teams are challenged with long lead times required to provision an integration platform, which often has inflexible capacity, expensive manual infrastructure management, and time consuming maintenance activities that significantly slow the speed of innovation,” said Amit Zavery, senior vice president of Oracle Cloud Platform.

“The Oracle SOA Cloud and Oracle API Manager Cloud services enable our customers to provision integration and API management platforms for developers quickly and simplify administrative steps so they can accelerate innovation.”

Arya MM
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  1. Oracle cloud service is obsolete.
    Oracle created its cloud services for programming languages and SQL databases.

    They all – the languages and SQL databases – are based on the wrong approach: they structure everyday language, convert it to some predefined-artificial formats manually; intermediates, humans – programmers do that. That manual structuring follows to massive losses of information, which is left outside of what is structured.
    Indeed, so called ‘structured data’ is less than 1% of all data.
    I, however, discovered and patented how to structure any data without SQL and other programming languages: Language has its own parsing, indexing and statistics and can be structured; where all data is either texts or can be reduced to texts. (For more details please browse on my name ‘Ilya Geller’.)
    Computer understands the structured data – there is no need in any computer languages, SQL databases or manual labor. My technology structures all, 100% of data, it does not lose a syllable or any sign.