Oracle Cloud World: Providence Health System Revolutionizes Operations with Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications

Providence Health System, a renowned not-for-profit health system operating across the Western United States, has elevated its operational capabilities by integrating the Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications Suite into its infrastructure.
Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications SuiteThis integration is set to enhance the management of its extensive workforce, which includes over 117,000 caregivers within the United States and an additional 1,000 caregivers stationed at its global healthcare engineering, operations, and innovation center in India.

By consolidating various business systems onto a unified cloud-based suite, Providence has empowered its workforce to prioritize providing exceptional patient care by reducing costs, amplifying productivity, and enhancing the overall caregiver experience.

Providence has evolved into a formidable $28 billion operation, comprising 51 hospitals and over 1,000 clinics. Upholding its 165-year legacy of community investment, Providence and its affiliates infused nearly $2.1 billion into community benefit programs in 2022.

During its journey of growth through mergers and acquisitions, Providence encountered operational challenges due to the disparate systems employed in its finance, HR, and supply chain departments. These systems led to process and policy variations, manual activities, and limited controls, obstructing efficiency and productivity. In response to this complexity, Providence made the strategic decision to implement Oracle Fusion Applications to standardize and streamline its business processes and policies.

B.J. Moore, Chief Information Officer and Executive Vice President of Real Estate Operations and Strategy at Providence, emphasized, “This program has propelled us forward in the health care industry, eliminated our technical debt, and aligns with our strategy to simplify our processes and technology, modernize through a cloud SaaS solution, and innovate with AI.”

The integration of Oracle Fusion Applications provided Providence the ability to break down organizational silos, standardize and automate processes, and centralize finance, HR, and supply chain data on a single integrated cloud platform. This unified approach has empowered Providence to respond dynamically to industry changes and maximize the potential of advanced technologies such as generative AI.

Frances Chao, Group Vice President of Enterprise Business Applications at Providence, commended the monumental impact of this implementation: “This implementation has been truly monumental to our organization. We deployed our integrated ERP platform during one of the most challenging times in history.”

The Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) laid the technical foundation for Providence, enabling the creation of a unified chart of accounts structure, standardization of transaction processing and reporting, centralization of governance requests, streamlining of accounting processes, and optimization of time-to-close.

Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM) facilitated increased self-service capabilities, expedited recruiting and onboarding processes, enhanced internal development resources, and optimized payroll processes.

Providence also leveraged Oracle Guided Learning for on-demand training to accelerate adoption. Additionally, Oracle Fusion Cloud Supply Chain & Manufacturing (SCM) played a pivotal role in transforming supply chain processes, automating workflows and approvals, improving contract compliance, streamlining procurement and accounts payable processes, and optimizing inventory management.

This transformational partnership with Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications sets Providence Health System on a trajectory of continued innovation and elevated operational excellence, ensuring superior patient care and significant contributions to the healthcare industry.

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