Oracle Cloud World: Loblaw Elevates Efficiency with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle, a technology giant, has announced that Loblaw, Canada’s premier food and pharmacy retailer, has embarked on a transformational journey by migrating its critical SAP systems to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).
LoblawThis migration represents a monumental shift, empowering Loblaw to modernize its IT architecture and seamlessly scale its operations. Notably, Loblaw now operates one of the world’s largest single-instance SAP databases, managing a colossal 180TB of data that underpins various aspects of its business, from retail price tags to financial operations.

The migration to OCI has proven to be a game-changer for Loblaw, manifesting in a remarkable up to 35 percent improvement in system performance. With an extensive network of 2,500 stores and a substantial e-commerce presence, processing approximately two billion transactions annually, Loblaw offers a comprehensive range of products and services, including food, pharmacy, beauty, apparel, and financial services. The company’s loyalty program, PC OptimumTM, with nearly 16 million active members, is a testament to Loblaw’s strong customer base and market influence.

David Markwell, Chief Technology and Analytics Officer at Loblaw, emphasized the importance of a smooth transition to the cloud to minimize risks. The move to OCI, with its proven track record of managing databases at this scale, was a strategic decision. Post-migration tests revealed a remarkable 35 percent performance boost in key SAP transactions, showcasing the successful integration and the tangible benefits of this migration.

“We needed a partner with proven experience in managing databases at this scale in the cloud, and OCI was the right choice for this work. The significant performance improvement we witnessed post-migration is a testament to the success of our decision,” said David Markwell.

This strategic partnership with Oracle signifies Loblaw’s dedication to delivering enhanced services to its vast customer base. It positions Loblaw to achieve greater efficiency, adaptability, and agility in its operations, setting the stage for future innovation and growth.

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