Oracle Cloud helps Tanishq to achieve 30% cut in technology support costs

Tanishq, a prominent jewelry brand in India, has recently transitioned its inventory management system to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), a comprehensive cloud platform provided by Oracle.
Oracle Cloud for CIOsThis migration enables Tanishq to leverage a range of OCI services, including Oracle Database, Oracle Application Express (APEX), Oracle Web Application Firewall, and OCI Flexible Load Balancing.

The deployment of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure has enabled Tanishq, a Tata group company, to gain real-time visibility into inventory levels and order fulfillment, empowering the company to analyze customer demand effectively. This enhanced visibility allows Tanishq to streamline its operations and reduce technology support costs by an impressive 30 percent.

With over 550 outlets spread across 260 cities in India, encompassing the Tanishq, Mia, and Zoya brands, Tanishq is a prominent player in the jewelry market. Looking ahead, the company aims to expand its presence and market share over the next five years, leveraging the power of OCI.

One notable development by Tanishq is the creation of an innovative service called Endless Aisle, which allows customers to order products, even those that are not available in the physical stores. Tanishq has built this service on the Oracle APEX platform, a low-code application development solution. To gain real-time insights into inventory across all stores, Tanishq has successfully migrated its Endless Aisle system to OCI.

Srinivasan K, Head of Information Technology at Tanishq, has expressed his enthusiasm for the benefits provided by OCI and Oracle APEX. He emphasized that the scalability and transformation of inventory tracking and order fulfillment processes have resulted in reduced operational costs. Previously, Tanishq relied on a time-consuming manual process that could take several days to generate an inventory report, hindering their ability to offer a wider range of products.

Tanishq also utilizes Oracle Web Application Firewall to safeguard its business against unwanted internet traffic. Additionally, the company benefits from OCI Flexible Load Balancing, which ensures equitable distribution of network traffic during peak demand across their 500 stores.

Through Oracle Support Rewards, Tanishq estimates significant savings of up to 30 percent in capital expenditures and software support costs.

Oracle APEX, a complimentary capability provided with Oracle Database, enables Tanishq to effectively manage fluctuating demand for its Endless Aisle service by seamlessly scaling up or down compute and storage resources as needed.

Kapil Makhija, Vice President of Technology Cloud at Oracle India, expressed his enthusiasm for the ongoing collaboration with Tanishq. He highlighted the joint efforts to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and drive growth for the jewelry brand.

The adoption of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure marks a significant step for Tanishq, empowering the company to optimize its operations, improve customer service, and achieve its expansion goals in the dynamic Indian jewelry market.